Why Affiliates?

Is Good For Everyone

Affiliates basically we are sharing benefits. You give us client and we give you 10% amount of the project deals in money terms. We are growing and known from the power of words of mouth. Many clients are happy with our services and there we go, we are over many projects already.

Everyone can be our affiliates, and you don’t need to have any skills, just refer it to us along with your contact, once it’s paid, you will receive your 10% commission. As that super simple, effortless and keep earnings.

Things You Need to Know

How does it work actually?
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The level of affiliates only come from direct connection. Example, you refer your friend (mr. A) to make a site with us. It deals & paid, then you get the commission. If your friend of friend (mr. A), called mr. B is making a site from us, then you don’t get the comission, unless agreement is set, but only for that purchase, not for the continuity.

You will keep receiving the commission from us, it’s NOT one time off

The Process

  • Let us know your prospect

  • We will follow up

  • If deals & paid, you will get paid

  • 10% based on services only


Example, we have IDR. 8Million worth of website where it consists of IDR. 5Million website design, IDR. 2Million domain & hosting and IDR. 1Million script purchase. You will get IDR. 500K from 10% out of IDR. 5Million. For maintenance plan will have different calculations as there are operating costs will be taken into account.


For mr. A case, if he develops another site, and again and again, you will receive every commission from each site, there is no limit on year or purchase. So, it is too good to be missed, start promoting us projectbanks.com web design.

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